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Trapezoidal (TR10x2) Anti Backlash Nut
Trapezoidal (TR10x2) Anti Backlash Nut

Exclusive to RoboCutters, this new Anti Backlash Trapezoidal 10x2 TR 10x2 Lead Nut. (Allen key not included)

Available with or without the housing. Details are below.

This nut has been designed to allow a thicker more rigid lead nut to be used on Openbuilds CNC / 3D kits and other CNC kits. Until now only thin lead nut designs were available but for more rigidity something more powerful is needed. Thats why we designed this nut. We will use these nuts on our systems for almost all of our RoboCutter designed CNC and 3D kits.

TR10x2 Nut Dimensions:

Outer: 21mm

Length: 24mm

Inner: To Suit TR12 leadcrews

Housing (Optional, if included the nut will be pressed into the housing ready to use):


Price: £8.00 (£9.60 Inc. VAT)
9.01 10.58 USD