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V-Slot The OX CNC
V-Slot The OX CNC

The OX CNC machine, superb design, rugged build and quality components along with a great price make this machine unbeatable for value.

Simple design, Belt Drive, different frame sizes, low cost, options available

The OX CNC Mechanical kit is easy to build, typically you can build the kit is less than a day, or over a weekend.

The kit shown below is the basic model


Some parts have been replaced with locally available parts to allow us to supply the kit at a low cost.

This model shown in 3D ( shows exactly what is included in the mechanical kit, all the parts listed or shown are included in the basic kit.

This model ( is shown with motors and couplings to show you where they would fit but the motors and coupling are not included in the sale unless selected as an option.

When you purchase this kit, you purchase all the mechanical parts shown, but none of the electrical parts, this allows you full freedom to choose your own electronics. Of course as part of the options available you can choose to include motors and more as part of the sale.

The basic kit has a frame of 750mm length and 500mm width, as detailed below

Frame Size 750mm x 500mm
Max Travel available 525mm x 320mm, Z 65mm
Is the kit expandable Yes, fit larger V-Slot Profiles
Drive Belt Drive as standard GT2-3mm belt, Z drive is 8x8 lead screw



What else is needed to complete the build?

Mechanical parts

Motor Coupling for the Z axis, this is not supplied unless you purchase the motor from us


  • CNC Control / Breakout Board
  • Stepper Drivers & Motors (Standard kit is 3 x Nema 23 and 1 x Nema 17 for the Z axis)
  • Shielded Stepper Cable, 4 core
  • 4 core cable
  • Cable Carriers
  • End Stop / Limit Switches
  • Power Supply
  • Spindle / Spindle Mount

Optional parts available

Cable Track Tidy

Stepper Motor Cable

Motor / Cable connectors

Mechanical Upgrades

Lead Screw Upgrade

Z upgrade to suit Nema 23 motors


List Price: £1,300.00
Price: £450.00 (£540.00 Inc. VAT)
506.67 595.32 USD

See here for details


See here for details


XLR type are like these

Aviation are like these


Check out this useful guide before deciding!

Note, we have no affiliation with the above company and do not provide all the parts shown, this reference is intended to be a link to a guide for wiring limit switches only.

 The higher the Nm on the motor the more resistant the motor is to stalling, so when machining hard wood for instance a high Nm will continue cutting, a low Nm may stall.

Spindle Mounts


VFD Spindle

Makita RT0700CX4

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