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Stepper Motor 4Nm x 4 Nema23
Stepper Motor 4Nm x 4 Nema23

Very High performance Nema23 4Nm Stepper Motor Checkout Video below to see capability of high quality High performance Stepper and Drive combinations

Ultra high holding torque of 4Nm with is equivalent to 566 oz-in.

These are our flagship Steppers with amazing power in such a small outline. These motors are superb for upgrading your equipment to CNC due to there high torque and Nema 23 low profile. High Torque with low profile compared to Nema 34 allows for lower start up inertia and normally better speed and acceleration due to less mass to spin. Eight wire design allows for Bipolar Parallel and series connection, also compatible with unipolar drivers. The wires CAN be twisted to form 4 Wire pairs.

High quality dual shaft ready for encoders etc.

Don't compromise your design higher torque with good quality controller gives better resolution accuracy when using Microstepping, use these motors.

4Nm Nema 23 Stepper Motors

8 Wires to 4 Pairs, stepper motors


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