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CNC USB controller Mk3/4 (4 axis)
CNC USB controller Mk3/4 (4 axis)

Product Description

USB to CNC is now a reality!

This CNC motion controller is a link between any personal computer with a USB port and stepper drivers for stepper motors.

Kit contents:

CNC USB controller Mk3/4 (4 axis)

CNC USB controller license

It uses a USB port which is available on all modern computers and laptops.

NOTE! This is a complete (software/hardware) solution and it does NOT require any additional software (Mach3 is NOT needed).

NOTE! Stepper Drivers are needed

This USB CNC controller is compatible with most step/dir drivers. It can be used as direct replacement for many parallel port break-out boards.

  • 4 axes controller for stepper and servo motors
  • USB connection
  • 110 kHz maximum step frequency
  • 25 us pulse width, 50% duty cycle at higher frequencies
  • 3 digital outputs on board
  • 3 PWM capable outputs with selectable frequency (10Hz to 500kHz)
  • 3 outputs with support for RC servo motors
  • jogging keyboard support with speed potentiometer, shift, step and spindle sync feature
  • 4 limit switches
  • 4 digital inputs on board, filtered and protected
  • spindle encoder and index signal support for spindle synchronization
  • SD card support for running g-code without computer
  • control external devices with I2C and UART protocol
Please note: This is a USB breakout board that allows you to control stepper drivers using special (included) software and stepper motor drivers will be needed to run the motors.
Both the Controller and the Software License are included in this package! 

FAQ and Support 

How to activate your License.

- download and install latest software

- download and install driver

- activate software using your license
open “License activation” dialog and paste your registration key. 

Price: £250.00 (£300.00 Inc. VAT)
281.49 330.73 USD