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PiBot Mechanical Endstop Limit Switch
PiBot Mechanical Endstop Limit Switch

What is it

Based on ball bearing snap-action switch.

Used to find the datum point( such as x y z (0,0,0)) or keep the cutter inside the maximum range.

Suitable for 3D Printer and CNC or other motion control board.

Comes with T-Nut & 8mm Low Profile Bolt

How it works


Connect to the controller board via endstop cable


Firmware Configure (3D Printer)

More detail please check the tutorials - "Configure Your Firmware".

Select the type and quantity of endstop. 

  • MODEL_ENDSTOP "optical"
  • NUM_ENDSTOP "three "



  • Excellent reliable snap action switch with Mechanically life 1000000 cycles
  • Snap action switch Rating: 5A 125V AC, Insulation Resistance:100MΩ(min), Contact Resistance:30mΩ(max)
  • With power and work display LED(red and blue).
  • Size of Endstop Board: 33mm x 18mm
  • Hole Diameter: 3mm
  • Mounting Holes: 20mm x 10mm
Price: £3.00 (£3.60 Inc. VAT)
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