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PLC4x-G2 Breakout Board
PLC4x-G2 Breakout Board

PLC4x-G2 LPT breakout board

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• Device is compatible with MACH3/TurboCNC and similar CNC software.

• Single power supply can be used for power supply of entire circuit, seamless start system.

• Simultaneous control up to 6 step/servo motors drivers. 4 drivers are connected with help of special sockets (XP1, XP2, XP3, XP4 or XP9, XP10, XP11, XP12 or XP13, XP14, XP15, XP16), 2 drivers can be connected with help of expansion socket XP23.

• Buffering control signals. All control signals from LPT-port of PC pass through buffered current amplifier element (current of each contact is reinforced to level 10 mA). Buffering of all LPT-port signals (inputs and outputs) completely prevents port failure, the module can be connected to any port with logical “1” 3.3-5 V.

• 6 optoisolated inputs for connection limit switches and E-STOP button. 5 signals are translated to LPT-port, 1 signal is used for forced turning off ENABLE.

• Operating support with Charge Pump signal.

• Built-in adjustable timer for coolant system pump commutation. Timer adjusts time and operation relay duration.

• Control support of frequency converter (adjustment of spindle rotations, PWM voltage converter) by PWM signal of control program (Mach).

• Test built-in generator of STEP and DIR signals.

• Control of three high-current relays 6A/220V for commutation of supplementary CNC machine devices (spindles, coolant system pump or electro ventilator).

• Step/servo motor drivers can be connected to the module with terminal socket, IDC-10 or RJ-45 type sockets.

• PLC4x can be connected to LPT-port with DB-25M or IDC-26 type standard socket.

• External duplication LEDs connection of relay operation and optoisolated is available.

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