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Deskproto Entry Edition
Deskproto Entry Edition

DeskProto Entry edition: the Lowcost version.

3D CAM at an unbelievable low price.

The DeskProto Entry Edition offers all toolpath types that are needed to use your CNC milling machine:
  • 3D machining of the geometry in an STL file.
  • 2D machining of the drawing in a DXF, EPS or AI file.
  • Bitmap machining of the picture in a bitmap file (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF).
DeskProto Entry offers this at an absolute bottom price: for only   € 145.00

DeskProto Entry is meant for users having a low budget. For instance hobbyist who have a small CNC mill in the garage, and need an affordable CAM program. It is also a great tool for schools andsmall companies that only need basic CAM functionality. Still quite complex models can be produced, like the Coat-of-Arms model shown below (this is a FREE model).

Coat-Of-Arms relief in DeskProto
machined Coat-Of-Arms relief
All in DP Entry: 3D toolpaths for the relief, 2D paths for the name, the clock is a bitmap.

Functionality in the DeskProto Entry Edition

The DeskProto Entry Edition is in fact the same program as the other two editions, however without the advanced parameters meant for the more experienced users. So the number of available options has been reduced for the Entry edition, all other functionality is identical for the Entry and Expert editions. In order to compare the three editions you can use the comparison table.

The following settings are available in DeskProto Entry:
  • Scale, Mirror and Rotate the geometry
  • Set a bottom level (the minimum Z-value to be machined).
  • Define and select cutters
  • Distance between the parallel toolpaths, and stepsize along the toolpath
  • Speeds: feedrate and spindle speed
  • Roughing options: skin thickness and layer height
  • Simple 2D machining
  • Bitmap machining (grey-value to Z-Height conversion)
And, in addition to calculating toolpaths, the following options:
  • Simulate the 3D toolpath
  • Estimate the machining time
  • Choose a user-interface: wizard or dialog-based,
    or create a project with the wizard and then fine-tune using the dialogs
  • Freely add machine-definitions
  • Configure your own postprocessor (if needed).

Do download the free trial version to test these options on your own milling machine.

All three DeskProto editions share the same easy-to-use interface. All editions can read each other's project files, so after upgrading to the Expert Edition all projects created with Entry still can be opened. Obviously we do offer users of the Entry edition a special upgrade price when buying a next edition.

Banner advertisement for DP Lite
Banner advertisement for DP Entry, featuring the free Coat-Of-Arms model from this website.

DeskProto Entry edition application example

The Gallery on this website shows many amazing projects, like this fish model.
This model was made by an 11-year old student at Peace Lutheran College (Australia), using DeskProto Entry (or in fact it's predecessor DP Lite). For very young students the Entry edition is better suited than Expert or Multi-Axis, as it offers less options. The students at Peace College have reachedamazing results, supported by an enthusiastic teacher.
In order to facilitate such use, for schools DeskProto Entry is also available in a Class-pack: a bundle of 25 licenses at a very low price.

Purchasing a DeskProto License

The distribution of DeskProto (all editions) is completely Internet based: all items needed are available via the website or by email. When purchasing a license (via our webshop or via a reseller) the user receives an registration code by email.

The software can be downloaded from the website. This is a free 30 days trial version: you can use your registration code to remove the 30 days time-protection. Manuals can be downloaded from the website as well (as PDF files). Also see the Tutorial video's.


The three DeskProto Editions compared.

The Comparison table shows a functionality overview.

The DeskProto software is available in three different editions: In order to decide which edition will suit your needs you can use the Comparison Table shown below.
Or you can of course use it to compare DeskProto with other CAM programs.


DeskProto Edition Comparison Table

File import:
3D file import (stl, dxf, vrml) tick icon tick icon tick icon
2D file import (dxf, eps, ai) tick icon tick icon tick icon
Bitmap file import (jpg, gif, bmp) tick icon tick icon tick icon
2D/3D, number of axes:
Three axis 3D machining tick icon tick icon tick icon
Basic 2D machining tick icon tick icon tick icon
4th axis support: Rotary machining     tick icon
4th axis support: indexed machining     tick icon
5th axis support: indexed machining     tick icon
Roughing options tick icon tick icon tick icon
Parallel to X-axis tick icon tick icon tick icon
Crosswise, Block, Waterlines, Outer contour   tick icon tick icon
Parallel at custom angle, circular, spiral   tick icon tick icon
Automatic speed reduction for high chiploads   tick icon tick icon
Meander / climb / conventional   tick icon tick icon
project 2D contour on 3D geometry   tick icon tick icon
User interface:
Both Wizard and non-wizard interface tick icon tick icon tick icon
User-configurable postprocessor tick icon tick icon tick icon
Easy tree navigation with light bulb icons tick icon tick icon tick icon
Show undercuts (downward faces) tick icon tick icon tick icon
Script wizards   tick icon tick icon
123waxring Wizard     tick icon
Partial machining:
Build a model in separate slices (segments)   tick icon tick icon
Machine a limited area only (Operation segm.)   tick icon tick icon
Freeform segments   tick icon tick icon
Nested freeform segments   tick icon tick icon
Skip ambient area and/or borders   tick icon tick icon
Other features:
64 bits version (for very large STL files) tick icon tick icon tick icon
3D simulation (part preview rendering) tick icon tick icon tick icon
Send toolpaths directly to (Roland) machine tick icon tick icon tick icon
Bitmap-to-Relief conversion tick icon tick icon tick icon
project bitmap relief on 3D geometry   tick icon tick icon
Inverse milling (male to female conversion)   tick icon tick icon
Support blocks (for two-sided milling)   tick icon tick icon
Translation options (set the WP zero point)   tick icon tick icon
Collet collision check   tick icon tick icon
  € 145.00 € 595.00 € 995.00


Price: £110.00 (£132.00 Inc. VAT)
125.17 144.93 USD