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CW5045 Stepper Driver (4 of)
CW5045 Stepper Driver (4 of)

The CW-5045 is a new generation Microstepping controller running smoother and cooler suitable for a wide range of stepping motors with its wide range of settings for both current and micro steps.
This makes it ideal for many applications and with fractional and decimal microstepping allows rounded numbers for both imperial and metric ballscrews and even acme threads, high performance at very low cost.

DataSheet: CW5045 Microstepping Driver
DataSheet: 60BYGH301B 3.1Nm Stepper Motor
DataSheet: 60BYGH401-03 4Nm Stepper Motor
DataSheet: CW5045 Wiring Diagram

The CW-5045 will give you professional results at low cost allowing better control and power output from your chosen stepper especially compared to cheap multi axis cards using simple but low quality and reliability.

Product Description
The CW-5045 is a high performance microstepping chopper Driver with small size therefore small enclosure footprint is achievable. Advanced protection circuit built in as standard please see data sheet below.

All inputs are optically isolated giving further protection in isolating driver from control electronics and helps with noise immunity.
Power saving function for lower power consumption can be turned on by a simple switch saving your motors in long term idle conditions.

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