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CNC 4 Axis Controller Bipolar Microstep Stepper Motor Driver CNC4_35A CNC4_45A
CNC 4 Axis Controller Bipolar Microstep Stepper Motor Driver CNC4_35A CNC4_45A

4 Axis Bipolar Micro step Stepper Motor Driver CNC4_45A CNC4_45A

4 axis Stepper Motor Control Board Just connect bipolar stepper motors, power and a parallel port signal source.

Self contained unit.

Designed for easy construction/retrofit of desktop / bench top / table milling / engraving machines

CNC425A 4 axis Stepper Motor Control Board Specs:

  • Designed for easy construction/retrofit of desktop/small bench top milling/engraving machine
  • Direct connection to parallel port computer
  • Drives 4 stepper motors in bipolar micro stepping mode
  • Wide range of motors (5-35V and 0.5- 3.0A)
  • Support for up to 5 external input signals (usually used for Limit X, Y, Z, Probe and E-Stop)
  • On board relay for easy Spindle ON/OFF setup
  • LED indicator for Power and input signals
  • All input ports from computer are buffered and Schmidt triggered
  • Compatible with a large number of programs (Mach2/3, Master5, EMC,KCAM, USBCNC, Win PC NC etc.)
Each of 4 axis features :
  • PWM current control dual D-Mos H-Bridge
  • .5 - 3.0 Amp Current Limit adjustable by dip switch
  • Full, Half, Quarter, &amp 1/16 Micro stepping Resolution
  • Configurable Current Decay
  • Synchronous Rectification for Low Power Dissipation
  • Thermal Shutdown and Crossover Current Protection


The CNC4X35A driver board is designed to operate bipolar stepper motors in full, half, quarter and eighth-step modes (configurable for each channel trough a dipswitch), with output drive capability of 35 V and up to 3.0A. This driver includes a fixed off-time current regulator that has the ability to operate in slow, fast or mixed-decay modes. This current decay control scheme results in reduced audible motor noise, increased step accuracy, and reduced power dissipation.

Bipolar Chopper Drivers

Bipolar chopper drivers are by far the most widely used drivers for industrial applications. Although they are typically more expensive to design, they offer more performance and increased efficiency. Bipolar chopper drivers use an extra set of switching transistors to eliminate the need for two power sources. Additionally, these drivers use a four transistor bridge with re-circulating diodes and a sense resistor that maintains a feedback voltage proportional to the motor current. This kid of driver supply the correct current to the motor at all times.




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