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A Super OX with Steel Belt Drive
A highly modified OX CNC, a Super OX CNC, which takes advantage of larger, thicker plates, C-Beam technology and more to give a Super OX kit.
Price: £700.00 (£840.00 Inc. VAT)
781.21 909.45 USD
B - RoboCutter 8x4 CNC C-Beam Kit
C-Beam Jointed kit, MAX 8x4' click picture for more details
Price: £850.00 (£1,020.00 Inc. VAT)
948.62 1,104.33 USD
Rhino CNC Belt Drive
The Large format, Industrial Rhino CNC Kit, in 8' x 4' and longer / wider frame sizes. 20mm width Steel Belt Drive, Rhino CNC, click the picture above for more details.
Price: £2,400.00 (£2,880.00 Inc. VAT)
2,678.45 3,118.10 USD
V-Slot The OX CNC

The OX CNC machine, superb design, rugged build and quality components along with a great price make this machine unbeatable for value.

Please note, the OX machine, great as it is, was not designed to be larger than available here, other suppliers will sell it at a larger scale, you are advised not to purchase larger than 1M x 1M, there will be inherent problems cutting because of the design. If you need larger than this size check our other CNC machines. 

List Price: £1,300.00
Price: £450.00 (£540.00 Inc. VAT)
502.21 584.64 USD