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Raptor CNC Kit
Raptor CNC Kit











The Raptor CNC is the low cost, Ball Screw motion, high quality CNC desktop kit that anybody can build!

  • Complete mechanics to make the entire structure shown. 
  • All profiles cut to exact size and all components to secure the profiles included.
  • Pictures are shown with MDF bed (not included).
  • High Z Gantry (adjustable)
  • No electronics included, you will need Control Board, Motors, Cabling, limit switches, connectors for wiring etc. See the available options.
  • 2 x 15mm Linear rails and blocks on the X axis
  • 1 x 20mm Linear rail and blocks on the Y axis
  • 1605 (16mm) ball screw on the X, Y and Z axis
  • All Type 8 profile for extreme structural strength
  • Price is for the kit to be assembled on site by client.


Example Build Guides



3D File HERE

Item Number Quantity Part-Configuration Name Comment
1 4 6020 Cap Optional
2 1 1605 Nut  
3 1 ALI_1605 ThreadNut  
4 6 ALLEN BOLT M5x25 For securing the 1605 Thread Nut to the 1605 Nut
5 16 M4x16 For securing the X the Rail block to the X Plate
6 24 M5 Punched T-Nut Inside the 6020 Profile
7 28 M5 Spring Washer Use as much as needed
8 24 M5 x 10mm Low Profile Screw To Secure the X plate to the rail block
9 4 M5 x 25mm Low Profile Screw To attach Item (2) to the X Axis Plate
10 4 Rail Block  
11 4 2060 x 47mm  
12 1 X-Axis_Front_Plate  



Price: £1,200.00 (£1,440.00 Inc. VAT)
1,354.17 1,621.18 USD
 The X Axis gantry frame is 100mm wide, so that indicates that for a 400mm cut area on the left to right axis a length of 650mm needs to be selected. To upgrade to a 1.5M X Axis means changing to 20mm ballscrew.
 The Y Axis gantry frame is 185mm wide, so that indicates that for a 600mm cut area for the front to back axis a length of 800mm needs to be selected.

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XLR type are like these

Aviation are like these


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See here for details


Check out the software here

 The most widely recognised milling / cutting software in the world. You MUST have access to a PC with 32 bit software and a Parallel (LPT) port.